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Chapuis Armes Introduces the X4 Double Rifle

January 2023, Accokeek, MDChapuis Armes, manufacturer of premium French shotguns and rifles for the discerning sportsmen, redefines the classic double-barrel rifle with the all-new X4. The X4 is an exquisite firearm crafted from the rich tradition of European-style driven game hunting yet sporting a new, patent-pending technology that delivers a heightened level of precision and never-before-seen load adaptability.

Double rifles have seen over a century of use for big-game hunting across the globe and are still favored by professional hunters and avid sportsman pursuing large and dangerous game. The X4 builds on that tradition while presenting a new barrel technology that solves the age-old challenge of barrel re-regulating when introducing new cartridge loads.

Creating a double-barrel firearm involves an exacting process whereby the gun maker must align both barrels to achieve a consistent and precise point-of-impact while using a common sight picture. This regulation is typically based on a specific load (bullet weight, bullet shape, powder charge) and significant deviations from that load can cause the barrels to become unregulated, or, have different points-of-impact. Re-regulating the barrels for a different load traditionally requires the skills of an experienced gunsmith, who must adjust and solder-in new packing blocks to achieve the desired orientation plus re-blue the metal upon completion.

X4 Classic

The new X4 Double Rifle solves this age-old problem with a new approach to double-barrel firearm construction. Rather than permanently joining the barrels and rib into a single, regulated unit, the X4 technology joins the rib to the left barrel and free-floats the right barrel. The left barrel and rib join the right barrel via a guiding ring at the muzzle. Using this system, a professional gunsmith can easily adjust the guiding ring to re-regulate the point of convergence for a new load. With the X4 double rifle, shooters can find their best load or change loads with the confidence of accurate barrel regulation without the major work traditionally associated with this alteration.

Beyond the new X4 technology, the X4 Double Rifle adheres to the classical double-rifle styling. Built on a Progress 28-gauge scalloped receiver paired with lightweight 22-inch barrels, the X4 is quick, light, and trim in the hand. The AAA-grade Circassian walnut with English-style cheekpiece and beautiful, intricate engraving harken to the X4's bespoke rifle heritage.

The X4 Double Rifle is available in 9.3x74R and .30-06 chambering. Each model comes with an adjustable standing rear and ramp front sight system, and both are machined to accept Recknagel scope mounts.

Chapuis X4 Double Rifle Specifications
• Chamber: 9.3x74R or .30-06
• Action: break with ejectors
• Barrel Length: 22 in.
• Twist: 1:14.2 (9.3x74R), 1:10 (.30-06)
• Length of Pull: 15.3 in.
• Drop at Heel: 2.55 in.
• Drop at Comb: 1.57 in.
• Overall Length: 40 in.
• Average Weight: 6 lbs.
• Trigger: double
• Sights: adjustable standing rear, ramp front
• Safety: manual
• Stock: AAA-grade Circassian walnut
• MSRP: $7,299 (9.3x74R), $7,599 (.30-06)

About Chapuis

Based in the Loire Valley of France, Chapuis Armes is a century-old manufacturer of premium hunting shotguns and big game rifles. Chapuis provides side-by-side and over-under shotguns for upland hunters the world over, as well as double rifles for the most demanding African hunting professionals. In addition to their legendary reliability, Chapuis rifles and shotguns are best known for the quality and beauty of their wood and fine engravings.

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