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Chapuis Warranty

This certificate guarantees your Chapuis Armes firearm—a brand manufactured exclusively in France—for the duration of 2 years from original date of purchase. Please keep a copy of these conditions for your record.


  • We guarantee our firearms for all raw material or manufacturing flaws, for the duration of 2 years from date of original purchase, with the exception of wood, which does not fall within the scope of this warranty.
  • All our firearms are proofed according to CIP standards. Shotguns proofed for the use of steel shot will bear a special Fleur de Lys marking on the barrel and receiver. If your shotgun comes with interchangeable choke tubes, they too must be marked with the Fleur de Lys if used with steel shot.
  • Our barrels undergo regular proof-house testing; this warranty does not cover bulging or rupture, as these cases are the result of obstructions not dependent on our manufacturing.
  • We commit to repair or replace (according to our own determination) a firearm under warranty that may be defective. Work shall be performed exclusively by gunsmiths of our choice. This does not apply to cases of normal wear from use, as well as cases of negligence or alteration on the part of non-approved persons or gunsmiths. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser.
  • For warranty questions, please call our customer service number at 1-800-264-4962.

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